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Start a whole new Mario adventure at Yoshi’s Island. Revive your good old Super Mario adventurous ways and see how far you’ll go in this particular game. Collect all the coins and jump over the head of the enemies to go further. Control Mario by pressing the arrow keys. The left and right arrow keys move him sideways while the up space bar makes him jump. Just follow the signs that you see to know where to go next. There are hints placed on every stage as well. Just do the head butt to activate them. Evade all enemies that are impossible to kill. Mario has 30 lives to start with. That’s a lot to use to complete all the stages of this game. Just be careful just the same. You surely want to maximize your kills and coins before running out of lives.

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Playing Super Mario World Revived


Rating: 3 stars on 11-21-2016 by Tezcatlipoca - View Review
Rating: 2 stars on 12-12-2014 by Jamar McCall - View Review


Posted on 11-21-2016 by Tezcatlipoca - View Walkthrough