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Super Mario is up to a whole new adventure in this game. No, he’s not out running, jumping, or sliding in this one. Instead, he’ll be gliding in the air. Armed with a magic blanket it seems that’s wrapped around his body, he flies through the air with the aim of saving the princess in a manner that’s much faster than walking. However, even the skyline of the Mushroom Kingdom isn’t without obstacles. Mario has to stay clear of the blocks randomly positioned at the middle of the game screen, the rocks at the bottom, and the boundary on top. Touching them means the game is over and you would have to start again. The control of this game is on the mouse. Click the left mouse button to start playing. To make Mario fly high, press and hold the button. To make him descend, release.

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Rated 3/5 (60%)

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Playing Super Mario World Cape Glide


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