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Sonic is peacefully asleep one day when he woke up to a whole new surroundings. He remembered entering a portal and that’s when the fright of his life started. He’s trapped in Mario’s world, who incidentally, is his arch rival. Sonic would have to escape Mario and his world fast. But he can’t do that just standing up. He has to use all his powers in order to defeat all the enemies abound Mario’s world, not to mention Mario himself. He also has to bump the blocks if he wants to find something that could help him along the way. Coins, instead of rings, have to be collected for added points. Control Sonic by pressing the arrow keys. He can move either to the left or the right with the use of the respective key. Make Sonic jump by pressing the A key. Sonic has only 3 lives to use in planning his escape.

ARROW KEYS: Move Sonic
A: Jump
Z: Throw Mushrooms

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Rated 4.5/5 (90%)

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Playing Sonic Lost In Mario World


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