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Have you ever wondered how Mario’s arch rival Sonic would perform in his world and vice versa? Well, this game shows you exactly that. Sonic in Mario World is a six-level adventure game that features the skills and capabilities of Sonic as he tries to survive against the goombas, koopas, and turtles. He also has to collect coins, not rings, this time around. Press the arrow keys to move Sonic either to the left or right. To make Sonic jump, press the A key. Once Sonic got a fireball plant, he will be able to shoot at the enemies using the S key. The same rules in Mario’s worlds apply. When Sonic touches an enemy, he would either become smaller or would lose a life right away. Same goes if he falls down the cliff.

A: Jump
S: Run
ARROW KEYS: Move Sonic
SPACE BAR: Pause Game

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Rated 3.75/5 (75%)

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