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Mario and Luigi went down the pipe but guess what they saw when they got there? Before them is an adventure that Pacman used to have. Lead Mario and Luigi away from the piranha plants that are always chasing them. Gobble up a star to make the plants vulnerable. However, the effect of the stars is just temporary. Once the blinking stops, the plants are back to their deadly selves. Collect all the coins scattered around the pipeline without touching the poisonous plants. Mario can be moved with the use of the arrow keys. This is a multi-level game and you can get to the next stage by clearing all the coins in the current one. Players got three lives to start with. See how far you can go.

ARROW KEYS: Move Mario
P: Pause Game
Q: Quit Game
M: Mute
L: Low quality on/off

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Rated 3/5 (60%)

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Playing Pipe Panic


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