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Play a good game of Tetris in Mario’s Kingdom. Press the up arrow key to rotate the falling blocks. Press down to speed up its fall. Press either the left or right arrow key to move the block on either direction. Super Mario Tetris comes in 10 levels. You’re free to start with Level 1 and up to the very last or just start at Level 10 right away for a more challenging feel. Bring the blocks together to form a horizontal line. The more lines to make at a time, the higher your score will be. Unlike other Tetris games, this one allows you to change the background of the game and the music playing. Choose the combination that suits you. Race through level 10 and see how high the score you’ll make.

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Rated 2.33/5 (46.6%)

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Playing Mario Tetris


Rating: 4 stars on 11-08-2015 by Jack - View Review


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