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Open up to a whole new Mario adventure in this game. In Mario Star Catcher 2, your job is to reach the yellow star that is positioned at the end of every level. Once you got to it, you gain entry to the next stage. Use Mario’s high jumping ways will get you there. Just be sure to collect all the coins along the way. But of course, this game isn’t without enemies. So you better watch out for all of them – squash them if you must. Mario would walk by pressing either the left or right arrow key. He will jump if you press the space bar. Event blocks are the ones with an exclamation point in it. When bumped, certain events will be activated. Question mark blocks store coins or mushrooms. Hints are all over the game screen, just stomp on the green blocks. Extra lives are gained if you catch a green mushroom. There are power switches around as well. Stomp on them to trigger hidden secrets.

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Rated 2.6/5 (52%)

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