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Mario will be sliding and gliding in a snow world that is also filled with Bowser and his minions. Try not to be hit by the raging car or the statues that Bowser built all over the roads. There are different lanes in the snow and you’re free to switch to any one of it for as long as that makes you safe and sound. Move Mario by pressing the up and down arrow keys. Calculate your moves and the speed of the car that’s heading for you. If you get hit by anything, you’ll fall down the bottomless pit. That’s another way of saying that you just lost and would have to start the game over again. The goal is to have Mario glide smoothly and safely over the snow. And be sure that you beat Bowser and his evil ways. The princess is at the end of the highways waiting for you.

ARROW KEYS UP and DOWN: Move Mario

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Rated 3.67/5 (73.4%)

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Playing Mario Snow


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