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Mario Remix opens the door to a whole new Mario adventure game. Use A to run and Z to jump. The arrow keys moves your character to the desired direction. There are three choices at the start of the game such as Super Mario World, Mega Man, and Gradius. Each choice takes you into an entirely different mode of game play. Super Mario World takes you to the usual Super Mario adventure game that you already know of. It’s a world of tunnels, mushrooms, coins, and goombas – the same old stuff. But if you choose Mega Man, Mario will be up against another character in a fighting game. The goal is to try to kill your enemy faster than he kills you. Gradius, on the other hand, is a space-flying game. Here, you have to dodge or kill all the enemies to stay afloat.

ARROW KEYS: Move Mario
A: Run
Z: Jump

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Rated 5/5 (100%)

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