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Fancy a game of poker, Mario style? It’s easy to play this card game with Mario on the fore. You simply have to make a bet and then deal your cards. Sounds easy? Then put out your stakes and see how much you’ll win in this poker game. Like a typical game of poker, your hand is rewarded with every combination you make, from royal flush all the way down to a pair. The payout table is found on the right hand side of the game screen. You can bet any amount from $5 all the way to $8000. You are given $1000 to start with. You can bet all of your money at once but if you run out of funds, the game will be over. You are given 5 cards to deal with. You can discard any card that you don’t like and retain the ones you like. It’s also possible to discard all of your cards and ask for a new hand but you can only do that once.

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