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Mario went on a trip to the outer space and he’s ready to come back to Earth. However, the asteroids are keeping him from making a safe landing. Help Mario land on top of the tower in one piece. You have to make sure that the asteroids won’t hit him as he tries to plan a landing. He shouldn’t crash while going down. Any wrong move could cost Mario’s life. Control Mario by using the arrow keys. He can go left, right, up, or down by pressing the corresponding directional key. Try to soften Mario’s fall by pressing the up arrow key during the descent. Once you got a good landing, the stage clears and a new one opens up. Find out how well you’ll rate in this very calculating Mario game.


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Rated 4.5/5 (90%)

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Playing Mario Lost In Space


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Posted on 03-16-2014 by louiseandrea :) - View Walkthrough
Posted on 03-16-2014 by leiadrian - View Walkthrough