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If you’re done with Mario Level 1, then on you go with Mario Level 2. The goal remains the same – save brother Luigi from Bowser’s evil ways. This game version looks lighter and more enjoyable than the previous offering. Coming out of the dark tunnels in Mario Level 1, the blue skies, green fields, and yellow pyramids in this game look more enticing. But you still can’t get near the enemies. You can only dodge them, not kill them. You can say that this is a running game, but hey, it’s Luigi’s life that’s on the line. Mario can’t afford time-consuming combats after all. Run, slide, and jump accurately at every stage. Watch out for the enemies for they may come in all directions. There are many disappearing blocks in this game. That means you can only step on those blocks once before they disappear.

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Rated 3.67/5 (73.4%)

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