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Mario Castle Shoot is the game that focuses on Mario and his courage to protect the Princess. The castle of Princess Peach is under attack and Mario is tasked to keep Bowser and all his minions on their tracks. Mario has to defend the castle by shooting at the enemies that are trying to plant bombs at the foot of the castle. There are different game modes in this game and they all differ in difficulty level. There are going to be coins for every enemy you hit. Collect them so you can buy upgraded weapons and added ammunition. Shoot at enemies with the use of the left mouse button. Use the cross hair on the game to make sure that the enemies get eliminated before they even got near the tower. In some game modes, even your own bullets can destroy the castle so be very careful when shooting.

MOUSE: Target enemies
A: Switch to next weapon
Q: Switch to previous weapon
1-5: Switch Weapons
S: Switch to next item
W: Switch to previous item
SPACEBAR: Use current item (bomb, mine, turret)

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Rated 4/5 (80%)

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