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The spotlight is on Luigi in this game. Press the space bar to start playing. Luigi is given three lives to start with. On the game proper, the space bar is also used to jump around. The arrow keys are for moving around. Luigi must save Mario from the claws of the evil ghosts that trapped him on top of the mansion. Every ghost you evade gives you 100 points. You can’t kill the ghosts, only jump over them. Go as high as you possibly can inside the mansion to reach Mario and save him from the elements that trapped him. Luigi’s Mansion is very much similar to the Donkey Kong game where Mario first appeared. This is a multiple level game that will surely get you at the edges of your seat. Notice that you can’t even touch the tails of the ghosts. Do that and you’ll lose a life. Lose all lives and the game is over.

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Rated 5/5 (100%)

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Playing Luigis Mansion


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