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Want to play a Super Mario game where the excitement never seems to end? Then try this game. You are sure to find delight in the new worlds and the new adventures that Infinite Mario Bros is ready to provide eager players like you. Jump over tunnels, hop between cliffs, and run all over the plains in the tune of the classic Mario adventure game. Start playing by clicking on the game screen and then press S. Choose the world you’d like to play. Use the arrow keys to get there and S again to start playing. On the game proper, you can move Mario by pressing the arrow keys either to the left or to the right. Make him jump by pressing the S key. Once Mario got some fireball plant, you can release fire by pressing A.

S: Start game
S: Jump
A: Fire
ARROW KEYS: Move Mario

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Rated 4.36/5 (87.2%)

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Playing Infinite Mario Bros


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