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A fast-paced bullet-action game is waiting for you in this Mario game version. Bullet Bill 2 offers huge adrenalin rush to every player, young and old alike. Guide Bullet Bill as it passes through wide tunnels and narrow alleyways in this very exciting game. Be sure to take out all the blocks that you see for added points. Don’t hit any of the platforms in the game or you would have to start back to square one. Use the mouse to guide Bullet Bill as he flies through Mario’s kingdom. There are check out points and flag points in every stage. Reach that and you’ll be able to start from those points instead. Finish the entire game in one sitting by moving with confidence and precision.

MOUSE: Move Bullit Bill
SPACE BAR: Pause game
C: Continue
X: Exit menu

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Rated 3.88/5 (77.6%)

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