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Bowser Ball 2 is one type of Mario game wherein both Mario and Luigi can play at the same time. To control Mario, use the arrow keys. To move Luigi, the keys W, S, A, and D are used. The goal is to dodge all the balls that are thrown by Bowser. Bowser statues are found on the four corners of the game screen and they can throw a ball all at once. Gain more points by dodging more balls as you go onto the higher levels. Certain points are given for every ball dodged. Move Mario around the game screen swiftly and accurately to get higher points. Once you got hit, the game is over. Submit your high score over the internet for all the other players to see.

ARROW KEYS: move Mario W,A,S,D: move Luigi in 2 Player mode

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Rated 3.17/5 (63.4%)

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